Welcome to the Adventures of Boys Blog

Do you find yourself searching for a handbook on how to understand boys?

Boys are very complex creatures. They always are full of energy, they get angry, they are dirty, and seem to be a conduit for bathroom humor from almost the first day they are born! Yet boys can be courageous, have big hearts, and bring a room to life in a very peculiar way!

This blog is aimed at bringing out both the messy side of the life of boys and how to help them come alive.

When it comes to boys, there is no easy solution. There isn’t a text, called “Boys for Dummies.” To make things more difficult, boys participate in a host of different daily rituals such as: leaving clothes on the ground, trudging their muddy feet into the clean kitchen, learning how to play well with others, wrestling with their self-confidence, and, of course, learning how to ride a bike! They require active role models to participate in all of their adventures. This blog is a collection of thoughts, really a consortium of well informed articles, on all things boys.

I have been teaching boys, and answering parents’ questions for quite some time.


For half a decade, I have been spent over 500,000 hours (that is 1/2 a million) engaging, teaching, mentoring and disciplining boys from the ages of 10 months (my son) to 13 years of age. If only I had started this blog sooner…I would not have forgotten the many stories that come with these hard earned hours. I am excited to share with you my own experiences of the many adventures with boys that I have.

From early on in mother’s day out, to pre-school and all the way up to high school….I always considered myself the key note speaker in every class.


As a young vibrant boy, I loved to talk…to everyone. Yet, it always landed me in the pilot seat of the time-out chair, the corner chair, and the chair in the principal’s office (which I liked to call the guest lecturer’s seat). It didn’t really make sense for me to stay seated for 5-6 hours a day, every day. This was a real issue that I struggled throughout my entire life with.

For as much time that I spent at the teacher’s desk…. the principal’s desk…. and even at my own father’s desk….why didn’t I just become a carpenter?

After a rich, vibrant history of being labeled as the “troublemaker” I made my way to university life. Oh boy was that exciting! Believe it or not, I received a 80% academic scholarship, unusual for someone who had hated school since the 3rd grade. No more sitting in class all day long. I was able to exercise my own freedom to study what I want, and when I want. Many adults who watched me grow up had a “sense” or “instinct” that college would surely be my demise.

Yet, this freedom introduced me to an inner passion that I hadn’t listened to in quite some time: a love for learning.  I strived to make all As, and even more, I strived to make real, long lasting friendships. My life had changed thanks to wholesome friendships, and worthwhile mentoring in college.

As I grew from a young boy to a man, I look back and think…wow….How did I end up here?

Even though I never intended on going into teaching, I have been in the business of bringing up boys since 2010. I have been very happy, and wake up excited to go to work every day. Since then, parents have constantly asked me questions about their boys through phone calls, text messages, emails, and even homing pigeons. Questions had a wide range of topics such as: homework, friendships, the other world of girls, sports, pets, and even to having simple conversations with their sons without blowing up at each other. Through my professional experience and my own journey through life as a boy, I wanted to create a handbook of tools for parents to harness the wild adventure of rearing boys.

Adventures of Boys will cover different topics.

The point of this blog is not to persuade you to rear your boy or student in one way or the other. Rather, this blog provides healthy information and ideas in a fast paced culture that is very hard to keep up with. The content on this website will come from not only my experience, but from the wisdom of different parents, coaches, psychologist, professionals and other individuals who are in contact with helping boys grow. The topics will include everything that makes boys come alive: education, friendships, sports, free play, sleep overs, favorite foods, and all the other activities in a boy’s life and the parents who are blessed to have them in their life.