Do you find yourself searching for a handbook on how to understand boys?

Boys are very complex creatures. They are always full of energy, they get angry, they are dirty, and seem to be a conduit for bathroom humor from almost the first day they are born. Yet, boys can be courageous, have big hearts, and bring a room to life in a very peculiar way!

This blog is aimed at bringing out both the messy side of the life of boys and how to help them come alive.

When it comes to boys, there is no easy solution. There isn’t a text, called “Boys for Dummies.” To make things more difficult, boys participate in a host of different daily rituals such as: leaving clothes on the ground, trudging their muddy feet into the clean kitchen, playing well (or not so well) with others, wrestling with their self-confidence, and, of course, learning how to ride a bike! They require active role models to participate in all of their adventures. This blog is a collection of thoughts, really a consortium of well informed ideas and/or articles, on all things boys.

I have been teaching boys, and answering parents’ questions for quite some time.

For half a decade, I have been spent thousands of hours engaging, teaching, mentoring and disciplining boys from the ages of 5 months (my son) to 13 years of age. If only I had started this blog sooner…I would not have forgotten the many stories that come with these hard earned hours. I am excited to share with you my own experiences of the many adventures with boys that I have.

About Me:

n 2010, I helped found a school for boys (Western Academy) in Houston, Texas. This endeavor was my first glimpse into seeing the complexity and love of life a boy can have. Since then, I have been teaching, tutoring, and mentoring boys, as well as their parents. My experience and passion has led me to create this blog.  Adventures of Boys is a blog for all things boys. Its aim is to help parents prepare their boys to come alive and succeed in the modern world

A few tidbits about John Power:

  • My favorite person in the world is my wife Lauren: a Texas Aggie.
  • I am from Houston, TX, and love all sports, reading, hiking, and meeting new people.
  • I love being a dad to my two sons.
  • I have an undergraduate degree in philosophy with a minor in English literature, and am now pursuing another undergraduate degree in biology with a minor in chemistry. I love bringing what I learn into the classroom and into people’s lives.

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